LOCATION Luxembourg

Editorial design for a sexuality project education in cooperation with APEMH Hébergement et Service and Planing familial.
Different subjects like My body, friendship & relationship and sexuality are treated in this brochure. A study book for educating disabled people in study classes by APEMH. The challenge was to find a communication design with a simply and understandable metaphorical language.
My solution was to create different illustrations, which will show different kinds of people in regards of sexuality, gender and skin color. As well as different relationships and feelings: friendship, relationship, love, homosexuality… 
The different colors and geometrical shapes sharpen the corporate design of the cover. A different color is selected for every chapter

Apemh is a n institution for people with intellectual disabilities at all stages of life and their families. Created in 1967 by parents concerned by intellectual disability, APEMH has continued to develop its action for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

SERVICES  Editorial Design

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